Risk (Ebook)

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New York Times bestselling author Skye Jordan returns with another adrenaline-infused story from the Renegades stunt team!

After two years sidelined from the Renegades, Duke Reid wants nothing more than the excitement of his stuntwork—except for Caitlyn Winters. She’s country fresh and just as naive, the kind of woman you rarely find in LA. On night to remember is all Duke needs to know she’s a keeper. Unfortunately, he leaves the next day for a job in British Columbia. When the sheltered beauty shows up on his movie set, managing damage control for the biggest prick in Hollywood, Duke sees disaster on the horizon. If anyone gets hurt on Duke’s watch, he risks losing his certification, ending her career as a stunt man, the only job he knows and loves. A job that’s also funding his sister’s legal battle against an abusive ex for a custody of Duke’s nieces. He can’t afford to screw up. Caitlyn is in way over her head, and her naivety could cost Duke everything.

There’s no going back for Caitlyn. She burned all her bridges on the way out of her small Kentucky town for her dream job in Los Angeles, where her cousin, Lexi LaCroix, lives a fairy tale life. But Caitlyn’s dream job turns into a nightmare on day one. She didn’t sign up to be a celebrity fixer, but her savings and her pride says she can’t quit. She’s pleased to find Duke on the same movie set, until he tells her she’s not qualified to handle the job. Then he becomes just one more person who underestimates her.

Tempers flare, as do sparks, but if her bed isn’t good enough, her won’t be the only job she tanks.

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