This really hit home for me. I’m a person who grew up in a household where my parents struggled financially, but worse, they villanized people with a lot of money or great success.
I know in my heart, I’m capable of amazing success, but have an unconscious tendency to circumvent that success because of an ingrained guilt of being successful.
Confusing and bizarre and totally illogical, right? Evidently, not so much…considering Abram Hicks talks about this in his lectures.
*** From Abram Hicks ***
You have to find a way to be all right with thriving because you are always going to want to thrive. The economy is moving forward in response to the desires of people. And depriving yourself of something does not make more money for someone else to spend.
If there were not people who were purchasing things, then all of the people who are working at manufacturing and marketing them would have to find some other ways of making their living.
There are so many people who innately want to thrive, who as soon as they begin thriving a little, begin imposing all of these exterior judgements about how much thriving is appropriate, “It’s appropriate to thrive that much, but not that much.”
And you have to ask yourself, “At what point do I lose the balance of thriving?”
Do you feel guilt over thriving? Is it holding you back?
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