I hear my words echo back to me as if they’ve dissipated in a vast, empty chamber.

That’s all right. I’m doing this as much for myself as to benefit others.

Hello, I’m Skye, and I’m a self-improvement addict. Yep, it’s that simple. I’ve spent my entire adult life learning about myself and about others. I’m an overachiever. I seek growth, knowledge and mastery in all areas of speciality. For me that comes down to three areas: myself, my writing and my ultrasound.

I seek constant streams of inspiration to be the best I can be in activities that bring my life purpose. In that search, I unearth nuggets of shiny information and wisdom and advice I want to share with the world. To that end, I’ve created a Facebook Group titled Your Best You. There I post daily inspiration, random articles and often create challenges that members can participate in to push themselves on some level.

Some of the content I post here will overlap with Your Best You, but not by much. The Facebook forum is best used for quick reads, inspirational quotes and dialogue.

Here I will explore many of my favorite concepts in depth: self-improvement, habit creation, goal design and success, productivity ideas and the like.

I hope to see you here now and then.

May your day be filled with MAGIC!

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