I’ve come to learn this over the last year — letting your body rest is incredibly to our physical health. 

Article by Benjamin Hardy on Medium.com

5. Recover From Fitness

It may sound strange, but many people exercise too much.

Like the other areas of their lives, most people seem to prefer quantity over quality.

Optimal fitness requires lots of good sleep and recovery. Most professional athletes get way more sleep than you’d expect. They also take many rest-days to allow for full recovery, so that when they do train, they can full-engage. To get the best results in your fitness, research has found that shorter but more intensive exercise is more effective than longer drawn-out exercise. The concept is simple: Intensive activity followed by high quality rest and recovery.

This is true of life, technology, food, and all other areas of life. To quote Dan Sullivan, founder of Stategic Coach, “Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.”

This whole post is about being present and engaged in life. In order to do this, you must focus on quality, not quantity. Additionally, you’ll need to more fully prioritize the essentials in your life.

For instance, entropy is a concept in physics explaining how everything gradually declines into a state of disorder, unless you invoke specific interventions. For example, if you don’t set proper boundaries on your time, there will be a million things creeping in and slowing you down.

If you’re serious about living successfully, you must consider the effects of entropy on your life. All distractions are a reflection of entropy, which will slow you down. If you want your life to be aerodynamic, productive, and purposeful, you’ll need to remove as many forms of entropy as you can. You do this by prioritizing the essential and removing everything else.

Do you take time to let your body recover?

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